A Father’s Love.

A father’s love is unlike any other.

I have so many friends who struggle with this topic. They struggle because their father has either abandoned them, they have delt with abuse (of all forms), and for many have passed away.  You’re hurt. You’re broken. You’re empty.

My husband for instance has never met his biological father. We have searched and searched and are currently still in the process, but has his biological father ever searched for him? Does he even care? … We don’t know. I do want to point out that my husband was blessed with a father who adopted him at a young age. He has shown and guided my husband into the man he is today. He IS and will ALWAYS be his father. RIP John Casey Sr. We love you and miss you every day.✝

There is a point to this topic. Even though you’ve been hurt by your earthly father, please know this:

You’ve a father who is truly, deeply and desperately in love with you. A love the surpasses your understanding. He can heal your brokenness. He can restore your heart. He can fill you with his peace. 

His promise is to never leave you nor forsake you! Reach out to him today. Ask him into your heart. Let the one and only God, your loving father,  fill up your heart. He’s waiting for you.

I promise you this, you will be blown away by his incredible love for you. Let him be the Father you’ve never had. I marvel at what the Lord has shown to my husband. He’s an incredible father himself and the Lord has given him peace and understanding through the mist of it all.

Xoxo- Ash

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4 thoughts on “A Father’s Love.

  1. LOVE this!! Brought tears to my eyes because my dad and pepaw are both gone. Its my 3rd reminder today that God is with me.


  2. Though I’ve only met him once, after driving for 2 1/2 hours, Chris approached me in a room of strangers and made me feel instantly at ease and welcome. Such a sweet and funny guy!!! Love your posts and stories! Be Blessed!!! 💙


  3. John Casey was a great dad & role model. Chris is the pinnacle of what I feel is a great dad & role model for Ethen. Anyone who knows Chris and I mean truly know him knows his kind heart and we as his mother and father-in-law adore him in very way. God has given our daughter & grandson the very best and for that we are extremely blessed & undeniably thankful. Praise God for all he continues to do in all of our lives.

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  4. Such a good post Ashley. This issue is at the root of so many hurting souls today. Our relationship with our earthly Father so effects how we respond to our Abba Father. The ability to be vulnerable and surrender in complete trust, is so clouded by a history of hurt. Issues of abandonment, offence, and unforgiveness are like a dam preventing one from seeing who they truly are in Jesus. Once that dam breached with a true understanding of Abba’s love for us, how He is actually jealous for us then watch out!!!! Chris’s vulnerability so demonstrates a breached dam full of the Abba (daddy) heart of God. Here is God’s love letter to YOU!


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