Reel it in.

It happened. My fishing rod is bent. My line tight and my muscles maxed. Cast after cast I wait for the big moment. The moment that gets my heart racing as the adrenaline is rushing through my body. The anticipation of finding what bit on to my hook.

With a face full of smiles I reel it in. My very first Snook. This was not just any Snook, this is the fish I’ve been praying for. It wasn’t huge, but it was not small either. It was perfect. Perfect for me. 

My love for this sport is still new. I’m learning new things everyday to make me a better angler. It takes a lot of practice and patience just like anything new does. For me, fishing is my “happy place”. It’s my peace in a busy, all consuming hectic world. It’s where I can look out into the ocean and look up into the majestic sky and marvel at God’s masterpiece that he has blessed us all with. It’s reeling in fish after fish, just like God’s wants us to do for him. It’s breathing in the salt air and feeling the breeze against my skin and through my hair knowing that HE is in my presence.

Follow me, and I will make you fishers for men. Matthew 4:19

Just like my love for fishing, let us be fishers for men. I created this blog to do just that. It’s God’s calling on my life. Thank God for everything in your life. From the smallest of smalls, to the biggest of bigs! Don’t take for granted all that you have. He has blessed you with your life. That’s pretty big in itself! When you feel like sinking, anchor your souls to Jesus, for his love for you is deeper than the oceans. He will calm your ragging seas, and wrap you in his grace.



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One thought on “Reel it in.

  1. So beautiful and such a blessing to share with so many. God defines us all, not people and are joy each & everyday comes from the Lord!
    Praising him and thanking him for everything and for a daughter who helps to shine his wondrous light for others to see.

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