I can’t help but laugh at the word anger! I mean seriously, if I could really turn my anger into happiness and a big smile, I’d say I have mastered pretty much all of life’s lessons lol. Anger is definitely a constant struggle for me. It’s like my patience, literally, walked out the door and never came back. (It’s definitely taking its sweet time getting back though)๐Ÿค”

Do you struggle with this too, or am I the only one on the crazy anger train?!

Being totally real with you all, I definitely need to be slow to anger. I spoke with a friend the other day and she said to me,“Ashley, if you know that when you start to get angry and go from 0-100, but you also know that if you just turn it over to God for a peaceful heart, then why don’t you?”

Let me think about this for a second…. I HAVE NO EARTHLY CLUE why I don’t seek God! Why the heck am I letting the enemy get their way?! Why is this such a battle for me? I think it goes back down to our roots, honestly. I read this passage earlier by Joyce Meyer:

Face the Truth… And Choose Your Pain

If you want the great and mighty things God has for you, you must get to the root of anger and deal with it. Get rid of the masks, and face the things that happened in your life that made you the way you are today. Admit that you can’t change by yourself. Until the root is removed, it will continue to produce one bad fruit after another. Too often we spend our lives dealing with the bad fruit of our behavior, but we never dig deep enough to get to the root of the problem. Actually, when we’re faced with anger, we must choose our pain. Digging deep to take care of the bad root is painful, but itโ€™s the only lasting way to take care of the problem. We can either suffer positively, doing whatโ€™s right or we can go with the devil’s plan, but remember, the same devil who tempts you to follow your human feelings, will later condemn you for doing it. You must decide if you want the pain that will take you into a new realm of glory or to keep your same old pain and try to hide it while it’s rotting inside you.  

That passage hit me like a rock. I have to face the things that have happened in my life! I have to remove the main root! 

I get angry over a lot of things! Let me share them with you:

  1. People that can’t go the speed limit!
  2. When I have to repeat myself more than twice
  3. My husband not finishing home projects
  4. When I don’t get my way (true story)๐Ÿ˜œ
  5. When the dishes pile up in the sink              ( I hate that with a passion!!!!)
  6. When the store clerk can’t find the price of an item and asks ME to find it

That’s just to name a few lol! I also feel like we all get angry because of how other people depict us, or talk negatively about us. Joyce Meyer also said this,

When people mistreat us but there’s nothing we can do about it, we get angry because we feel it isn’t fair. As much as we’d like to change the situation or the person who’s treating us badly, we can’t! People can’t change people; only God can change people. So it’s best to put our energy into praying for the offender.

In your anger do not sin, do net let the sun go down while you’re still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. -Ephesians 4:26-27

Timothy 4:5, Paul told Timothy to be calm, cool and collected and to keep performing the duties of his ministry. Thatโ€™s good advice for all of us. When we get angry, we should calm down and start doing what God has called us to do. You can be bitter or betterโ€”it’s up to you! If you’re mad about something, instead of letting it ruin your life, turn it into something good. Overcome evil and anger by praying for those who hurt and abuse you. Forgive them and be a blessing to them. It may not be easy at first, but when you make the decision and stick with it, God will take care of the rest. -JM

Remember this small bit,

YOU are in control of what you give and what you accept. Replace those angry seeds, with God’s seeds. Seeds of blessing, seeds of life, seeds of prayer, seeds of peace. God will take care of it! We are all in this together. So let’s start now and toss the enemy and his thoughts out! Gain your peace back and live to be happy!

You are worth it!


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One thought on “Angry?

  1. Ashley, anger is a trait that we are born with along with being selfish! An example…I want my diaper changed, I’m hungry, I want my toy, etc. If these things don’t happen when we are born, and then anger sets in and we cry for those things. I use to get angry at the smallest things. Mine was so bad, it caused my relationship with my son to be very argumentative. And that was never good for either of us! Turning to God and scripture was a very helpful tool for anger throughout my life since then! Now, all of the things that use to make me angry now just roll right off my shoulder! I no longer worry about things that used to make me angry because I know that God loves me and I can’t take any of that with me when I leaves this world!


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