Life in 5 years

Do you sit and wonder will you will be in 5 years? Are you dreaming of more? Are you seeing the vision of your life, or do you feel stuck in your day to day routine?

This is something that you really should think about? Are you truly satisfied of where you are in life? If not then you need to start making daily changes. The changes that you start making now will help you in all your feature endeavors throughout life.

Realistically, if we just spent 10 min of our day and made a change to help better our future, we will be more inclined to make it happen. We need to start feeding our brains with encouragement! You might ask, “Well Ashley, how do I do that?”

It’s actually pretty simple. I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned on my journey thus far.

1. I avoid anything negative brought my way. I don’t accept it! If it’s not bringing me to a place of happiness it’s not allowed in my life, and guess what? It’s not of God. God wants us to be happy and stress free! Negativity is no longer welcomed!

2. Get rid of the naysayers and doubters in your life. Truthfully, are they cheering you on and telling you how proud they are of you, or do they just belittle you and feed your mind with “you can’t do this?” Guess what, they weren’t your friends to begin with! Friends and family members should be telling you that you can achieve anything you put your mind too, but unfortunately this is where jealousy starts to root in. It’s hurtful and harmful. We should be loving and celebrating the successes of others! When you don’t do this, what do you think it’s going to do for your future? What you give out to the universe is exactly what you will get back. Think on that for a bit!

3. Start a daily morning routine. Wake up earlier than normal. I know, I know, You’re like, “No way!” LOL! I get it. That was me too. I found though, that when I wake up before my boys do and I have that quite time to myself it really starts my day out right. I journal my thoughts, I pray, I read my daily devotional and I try to watch some type of motivational video. I promise, this in itself is going to inspire you to start making those daily changes of improvements in your life.

4. Time management is a big one. I remember how much TV I use to watch. It was ridiculous, lol. We actually turned off our cable to hold ourselves accountable to focus more on where we’re spending our time. When the TV was off I was able to FOCUS on my daily To Do tasks. It’s like the world slowed down. Haha! It’s true. I was able to start implementing my daily goals and focus without that dang TV being on! It was wonderful!!! It blows my mind now when I sit back and think about all the time I use to spend on absolutely nothing but a screen. Now, I manage my time and because of that I’m bettering my future for myself and my family.

5. Goal Setting

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

-Bill Copeland

Don’t have goals?…. well shame on you! Now is your time to start writing them down and making them happen!

I remember the day that I started to do just this. I opened up my calendar and I started to schedule daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals. I also decided that If I hit my monthly goal then I was going to reward myself! It’s always nice to be able to work towards something. For me I tend to work even harder because I know how bad I want it.  Think about it, if someone said they would give you $100,000 if you met this goal, you would do everything in your power to do it! I mean I would anyway!

Now go out and be that 1% who actually puts in the effort to write down your goals!

I promise, if y’all start implementing some new daily routines and truly start believing in the vision that you see, then you will do it! Don’t just say it, don’t just think it, put in your call to action and work smarter not harder!

I challenge you to not just make a goal for today. Make your goals last a lifetime. If you’re ready to do this I would love to hear from you! Send me a message on FB or comment below, that you’re ready for the challenge. I would also love to hear where you would like to be in 5 years! ❤️

Hope you found this post encouraging and I pray it motivates you to GO FOR MORE! ❤️

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