5 Steps to Breaking Free

How do we break free from what holds us back?

I remember sitting in a room full of other woman at a seminar. As I was looking around I couldn’t help but notice the tears streaming down the cheeks from other women beside me. I too was a sobbing mess. I should’ve known not to put on makeup!

The guest speaking was laying it on thick as she covered “us” as woman in a world where we constantly feel defeated and criticized. The feeling of unworthiness and being lost.

You could just feel the burning desire from every sweet soul in the room. Like they were being held by chains, yet dying to break free.

That day was a day I will never forget. It was also the day I decided I was no longer looking back, but I’m going to catapult to new heights as a mom, wife and young entrepreneur. You see, we all have something inside is that holds us back to our full potential. It’s the silent whispers that kill our dreams. Those whispers that used to tell me that I’m not confident and I will never amount to anything.

Can someone slap the devil out of here please!? I mean come on!!! Get him out of our head!

So how do we break free? Let me share with you what truly helped me break down the walls around me and lead me to be bolder, stronger and more successful than I ever dreamed of!

1. But, But, But

I can’t stand that three letter word anymore. Probably because I over used it on many occasions. Never taking blame for my own actions, rather blaming everyone else. We will never truly get out of our own way if we don’t take fault for our own actions. We have to suck up our pride and get over ourselves. When we start to dig deep on why things aren’t going as we planned, then be the one to change the situation. Girl, it starts with YOU first. This is the most important step and the hardest, but girl I promise you it’s only going to better you.

2. Oh no she didn’t!

Get off of social media and stop looking at the gossip! So what if she said this or that! Let me ask you something, why do you even care? Does it contain you? Is it bearing fruit in your life? Is it life giving? We need to stop putting so much energy on things that are only going to drain us.

3. Because I’m happy….๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

You might not realize it, but did you know that what you listen to can affect your mood. When I’m driving I make sure I always have uplifting music on. I have found that when I’m listening to music that’s only about sex, drugs or drinking I get in a state of my emotions running in a marathon! It’s ridiculous and yes y’all, I’m being real here. I do listen to secular music here and there, but when I put on Kari Jobe my world shifts and my joy is found! Bring on the gospel sister!

4. What’s a tribe anyway?

This one used to hit home for me. I would always see so many girls post pictures about their girlfriends, wait I mean their “tribe” and I was so envious. A group of girls who all actually get along together!? WHAAAAA!?! No but for real, we should have a tribe! Even if it’s only one friend that’s okay. You can be a tribe together. Just make sure that your tribe signifies love, truth, wisdom, and grace. Are they in your corner and cheering you on towards your hopes and dreams? Are they giving you constructive criticism with love when you need it? They should be! That’s a good friend! Keep your circle strong! Jealousy is not found here. These are your girls that you can TRUST and do life with. Your warriors!

5. Time to wake up doll!

It’s 5:30 and your alarm clock is ringing. Do you continue to hit snooze? NO GIRL! Wake your hot mess self up! It’s time to get empowered! Waking up before my family wakes up, gives me my sanity. It’s that hour of peace and stillness. When I get tangled up in God’s word and pray. It’s HIS whispers that I’m looking for to get my day started. The only one that fills my soul. Girls, we need Him more than ever, and he needs you more than ever, so give him your time and watch him move in your life.

So there it is! 5 steps that have helped me grow on my journey. Just remember, you have everything it takes to break free from your current situation and move toward your destination. It’s all in how you handle your situations that will define you from the inside out.

Now go grab your favorite bra and claim the day! XO โ™ฅ๏ธ


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