Small-town girl in NYC

Big city lights and constant honking of cabs, is what would drive most crazy!

Growing up in a small town in Southwest Florida, cabs and honking don’t exist. I guess that’s why I enjoy the hustle of NYC. It’s exciting to me. Watching hundreds of strangers pass alongside of me on the crosswalk as they head to who knows where. I’ve always found it fascinating to people watch and wonder where they’re going and what their lives look like.

My life on the other hand, well let’s just say God has taken this small town girl to new heights! From no college degree, to being a wife and a mother to our soon to be 12 year old (we homeschool), all while building (an almost) multi million dollar monthly online empire. Who would’ve thought right!? I mean I never thought my life would end up this way, and the crazy part is, I’m just getting started!

God has so much more in store for me and my family as He does for YOU!

Now don’t get me wrong, getting to where I am today was no cake walk and honestly it shouldn’t be easy. God wants us to grow and prosper in all we set out to do, but He also wants us to learn through our struggles. Our set backs are truly a lesson to only grow us wiser.

This trip to NYC had so much meaning. Not only did we celebrate my husband’s birthday, but we also celebrated our success as we have all hit 1 million in monthly team sales.

This time last year myself, my husband and our best friend Dustin walked the streets of the city and one place was on our list, Cartier! We walked into the profound jewelery store and we were speechless. Something really cool happened though. When we walked in, we felt so good about ourselves and the experience. Everyone was dressed so proper and the level of professionalism around us made us feel, well “famous” lol. Then we found the bracelets that we had to try on. So we did just that! As the sales person screwed these bad boys on our wrist we looked at each other and just giggled. Like, of course we can’t afford these now, but one day we will.

That day we made a promise to each other, that when our teams hit 1 Million in monthly sales we would fly back to NYC and buy those bracelets.


This was a dream that came true. We pushed harder than ever as we still currently do because we are still dreaming bigger! Currently our team just broke 1.9 Million in sales last month! The Lord’s blessings are real my friend! ♥️ Don’t EVER stop believing in yourself and when your time comes to spoil yourself, you better believe that YOU ARE WORTH IT! Will people talk? Of course! Will people think you’re being boastful? Of course! Will people cast judgement?…. Oh sweet friend YES but It’s okay.

Your journey is not of anyone else’s but yours.

Fight for what you dream of.
Pave the way for others to be successful too.
Love and give grace daily.
Lead with a servant’s heart.
And never lose sight of what’s most important. Your Heavenly Father. ♥️✝

Love, Ash


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