Cabo San Lucas

As we have traveled to many places, Mexico has always been a destination with beautiful views of the ocean and breathtaking mountains. Now, if I could just pick up those mountains and place them here in Florida, I would be the happiest girl EVER! This trip actually marks our 5th time in Mexico and our 2nd time at this resort which I will share with you shortly.

Immediately exiting the plane, we headed to get our next stamp in our passport. Am I the only one who gets overjoyed when I here the loud stamp hitting my passport?! Lol. Now to just fill up every page! #goals

You can’t go to Mexico without ordering chips and salsa! Right outside of San Jose Airport we found a cute little bar called, Fisherman’s where the hubby and I enjoyed some refreshing margaritas and the best chips and salsa! We had to wait for our friends to arrive anyway so this was the best spot to relax and fill up our bellies.

and yes, I ate the salsa by the spoonfuls just as pictured!!!

Sunnies: Diff

We stayed at the Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort

The property is absolutely stunning and luxurious! I would say this is a great getaway for you and your other half. Staff was very friendly and always there to assist you with your needs.

Our room was gorgeous and the best part was the swim up pool right off our back patio.

Waking up to this view overlooking the Pacific Ocean was absolute heaven! It was definitely a great way to bring in my 34 years alive! This was actually our second room while we were here. Our first room looked the same except we had a balcony with a huge jacuzzi tub. Hubby upgraded to this room for a couple days for my birthday.

Since we’re on the topic of my birthday, he also surprised me to a morning at the spa for a couples massage. Check out these pictures.

Before we actually went in for our couples massage we enjoyed the little extras! The massage pool, mineral pool and hot tub were out of this world! We were both relaxed and truly enjoyed every moment in this luxurious environment.

As if it couldn’t get any better, after our massage I was guided back to the mineral pool for this sweet birthday surprise.

Flowers, champagne and my fav, Carrot cake! I am blessed with such a romantic husband!

What’s a trip without a fun excursion right? We headed out on a sailboat for gorgeous views of the Arch of Cabo, lunch and snorkeling.

seriously the best tacos we had on this trip!!! To.Die.For!!!

Can we say picture perfect spot! We actually snorkeled our way up to these rocks and made the climb for this pic! Minor cuts but I survived.

Click here for the luxury sailboat and lunch excursion

If there is one thing that I can highly recommend on this trip, is it re-applying sunblock like it’s no one’s business! I’m pretty sure the sun in Mexico is a different sun that we have here in the states. Lol! Holy Hotness! Unfortunately I fried my forehead and bottom lip. I now have a great sun block for the lips that my friend Whitney recommends that I will be ordering tomorrow! Needless to say, her lips were absolutely amazing on our trip and mine were crisp and toasty!

Here is the lip sunblock that I will always be wearing from this point on:

Supergoop SPF50 $22

All right beauties! I will do another blog post on my outfits and all of my Cabo essentials. Stay tuned in the next couple of days for that.

Love yah,


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