Photoshoot Fun in Dallas


Lately, I have found myself in awe of Dallas. I mean, it feels like we have lived here for the past month. I figured why not explore this awesome city and see what it’s about. From the buildings to the architecture, this area in Dallas is a must see!

I would like to introduce you to Deep Ellum! What they call the entertainment district.  Deep Ellum is known for its vibrant street murals, quirky art galleries and concert venues for indie and blues. In this district, you will come across brewpubs, cocktail bars, and tex-mex eateries .


Our first stop was at Stirr. This is a great place for lunch, dinner, and brunch! They have a second-floor patio that overlooks Deep Ellum. When we walked in on Sunday it was a full house, however, we found that the crowd was upstairs on the patio where the music was poppin! I about had a mild panic attack so we just headed back downstairs for brunch.  Way less noisy (not that I don’t appreciate good music) I just find that the older I get, smaller crowds tend to work best for me. lol.



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“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs!”

Go check out their website to get a better feel of what they’re all about. Stirr

Chris has really been working on me when it comes to pictures. Like getting out of my comfort zone when he wants a certain picture because he has the eye for the perfect setting. So when he spots something IT’S GO TIME no questions asked! lol. I use to get so nervous when he would take my pictures in front of people, but now I just roll with it. I love that he has turned into my photographer. #instagramhusband  I love you babe!

LRG_DSC00112 2

Then we have random spots that we see like this one! Insert photo opp NOW!  lol. So when hubby says to work the camera this is what you get! (Mind you, he must have taken 100 pictures in this spot alone). For every hundred pictures, you’re bound to get one really good one! haha! I’m not really even sure what all this is, but it looked pretty dang cool!

I get asked frequently about my hair extensions. I flew to Arizona and had them put in by Chrissy . She is the owner of Habit Salon and founder of the Habit Extension Method.  Don’t freak out on me yet, you can also find someone in your area who is also certified in her hair extension method. I highly recommend it! Outside of my extensions, my bestie Andrea has taken care of my hair for over 10 years! She’s absolutely incredible and will be taking on a form of these extensions as well which means I won’t have to fly to AZ! WAHOOO!!!  Follow Andrea here . Stay tuned on some new hair care products that I just received in the mail from her as well! I’m dying to try it out!

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I know y’all are going to ask me where my outfit came from. The jeans I purchased at TJMaxx. You know where we go for good deals right? Well stupid me didn’t even look at the price tag because I wouldn’t imagine them being anymore than $30-$40. Yeah, that wasn’t the case. They were actually $70.00!!! I obviously ended up buying them because the fit was perfect! My top came from Macy’s I believe, but that was from last year. My  knee high boots I purchased from Target.

Picole Pops



Did someone say popsicle?? Huge shout out to Picole Pops that are handcrafted Brazilian pops made from 100% all natural ingredients!  It gets better! They even offer alcohol infused pops! ID is required. Check them out on Instagram!

Picolepopsdallas <——– give them a follow

Topping it off with sprinkles, this place couldn’t get any cuter!





If you’re looking for authentic mexican food I recommend Vidorra! Vidorra ‘Cocina de Mexico’ is located in Deep Ellum celebrating Mexican food, drink and culture  Meaning “the good life,” the restaurant, patio and rooftop offers bold and exciting Mexican flavors, along with a large tequila selection, unique cocktail program, and lively social experience in one of Dallas’ most vibrant neighborhoods.


Pictures to the right are not mine. Taken from their Instagram account.

As soon as we sat down in the patio, I couldn’t help but notice this bold yellow vintage sofa that stole the room! Thanks to my best friend Dustin for the idea of standing on both sofa’s! I almost broke an ankle, but no biggie! Lol

From the ambiance to the food, this little gem is a breath of fresh air!  Click here for the full menu!


Here are some extra pics from shoot day! Thank you again to my amazing husband Chris Casey for capturing these and letting the diva side of me come out a little more than usual and to my best friend Dustin Bland for posing me and making me laugh! I couldn’t have done it without you both! xoxo

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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My Boys! We know why we’re in Dallas, but we also know that God is in control over it all. His hands are all over it and we are so confident that justice will be served. I love you both to the moon and back. Thank you for always making every trip exciting no matter what the circumstances. #togetherthroughitall

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