Hey Friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to browse my blog! So as with every “about me” section, I guess you are curious to know more about my life.

I live in beautiful sunny Florida with my stud of a husband, Chris and our son, Ethan. I was gonna say baby but I guess that’s no longer. WAHHHH! He is 13 with a heart of gold. He gets his good looks and long lashes from his father! LOL! Being his mom is by far the biggest blessing ever!


Family is everything to me. The days where we are just home in our PJs watching movies, playing games and acting like total idiots together are my single most favorite days! Quite frankly, nothing beats that!




My husband and I have been blessed with a career that allows us to work wherever we want when we want. It’s pretty amazing when you can make your own schedule and not report to anyone! This allows us the freedom to do more as a family and help others do just the same.

Traveling for us is a MUST! We love to explore new areas as much as possible, therefore living out of our suitcases happens more than we can count. We are a family who loves to capture memories that we can take with us anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love “things”, but if there is one thing my mama taught me, it was that you can’t bring those things with you! So I’m all about living life to the fullest with my little #partyofthree .

Now let’s talk fashion, shall we! I love everything classy with a bit of sass! It’s my way of expressing who I am. I have pretty much rocked every hairstyle and color known to man lol. I love to play in all things make-up and handbags are my weakness! Like really BAD! Oh well! What’s a girl to do!?

Now, that’s enough about me! Please make sure you go and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my posts and please feel free to follow me on Instagram at ashleycasey05

Drop a comment below and tell me something about yourself!



One thought on “About

  1. God has been with you all through good times and not so good times. Your family has truly been blessed by Gods grace. Always with God we can do anything and go as far as are dreams can take us. The Casey family has proven God’s always working by just trusting him & keeping the faith and the undening relationship with him.
    Dad & I are so proud of you guys & love you all from the moon & back.
    God bless the Casey family always!

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